出發到德國的前一晚,我重看了很久以前的電影 Up in the air本片敘述一個男子一年出差322天,四處資遣員工的故事。為什麼他能長期做這份工作呢?出差對他來說,很輕鬆、很隨意,


























The night before I head to Germany, I watched the old movie, Up in the air, again. This movie described the life for a man who traveled 322 days per year to laid off employees for his clients. Why can he work for this company for long? Business trips for him are very easy and casual. There is no need to face negotiations, arguments, secrets and compromises. After he laid off people, he could easily fly away without any drama. Everything is clear and clean. Until he met a woman, it was the first time when he wanted to do something for someone, to spend time with someone. He started to understand what love is. However, he was just a parenthesis to escape her real life.


Another important moment in his life was that his brother-in-law got cold feet on the wedding day. His older sister asked him to talk to the brother-in-law, but he said, "my speech is to teach people how to avoid commitment." The sister was mad, and she said that he was never around, and never existed in family's life. Then, he realized how important this action was for his little sister. The brother-in-law said that he started to think about marriage, kids, and getting old, and felt that " what's the point?!" He said, marriage could be part of dying, we are all on the running clocks. We can't even slow down or pause it. We all end up in the same place. If you think about it, your favorite memories, the most important moments in your life, were you alone?" Life is better with company. He purposely cut the connection with people in his life, and chose to live his life with avoidance and business trips. Until he experienced the marriage of his little sister, the woman he liked, and the new colleague who was passionate and curious about life, he realized how important to have connections with people.


The first time when I watched the movie, I just started my first job, I did not travel much, so I could not really understand the meaning of the movie. After so many years, I travel more than 180 days per year, I got my gold card from the airline, but I felt lost like the actor who hit 10 million miles from his trips. The stability is important in life. Many things come out after some time, rather than experience it on the surface. After experiencing this kind of fast lifestyle, and encountered the changeable moments in life, I have a clear mind of what I really want. Even though the external world keeps changing, I learned to look into my internal world, listen to my heart, and analyze and accept the facts. If I continue to resist it and make up more stories, it is just wasting my time and energy, and making my mind even unclear.

Happiness comes from external environment, fast, and easy to lose. However, joy comes from the inner-self. It is more lasting. As long as I talk to my heart, get closer to inner-self, I am more aware of the source of life from within. I believe, everything happens for a reason. There is nothing I can't overcome, but there is only some problem which I can't accept and stuck in it. I hope that I can be more open to face every lesson in my life!



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