剛回來幾天,先是陪新加坡來的朋友跑來跑去,發現記憶中的台北和今日的台北有些許不同。後是美國老闆的一週入職訓練,每天工作用的語言是英文,下班後變轉換成中文環境。語言環境的錯置讓我產生了一種新的想法,在台灣也可以跟世界接軌。另一個很大的變化是work from home(在家工作)的工作模式,當部門人員都在世界各地,我不再需要天天進辦公室,可以自由選擇辦公環境,可以是咖啡廳,也可以是客廳,每天嘗試不同的方式,探索更多上班的可能性。














Singapore is so nice, why did you come back to Taiwan?

Today was the 24th day after I moved back to Taiwan. Being a Taiwanese staying in Singapore for more than five years, Taiwan had become a familiar but strange place for me.

The first few days of my return, I was running around with my friends from Singapore, and I realized that the Taipei I remembered and the current Taipei had changed a little bit. Subsequently, my American boss gave me one week training. The working language was English but the living language was completely Mandarin. No one else spoke English with me. The change between languages gave me an idea that I could connect to the world from Taiwan. Another change was that I could work from home! When other colleagues were located in different parts in the world, I need not go to office every day. I could choose wherever I want to work, either cafe, or my living room. I could explore different ways of working every day.

Compared to the Taipei five years ago, it became an unfamiliar city which was slowly changing at its own pace. For the past five years, I visited Taiwan once or twice. My visits were like vacation, such as eating nice food, meeting family and friends, buying familiar food, and bringing back some Taiwanese taste to Singapore. Now, I am no longer a visitor but a local.

For the past few days, many people asked me, "Taiwanese all want to move out, and Singapore is so nice. Why do you want to come back?" I believe that people who asked this question could only see this experience partially not comprehensively. I wanted to ask, "If Taiwan is so bad and Singapore is so nice, why don't you move out from Taiwan?" Many people asked me how I got the opportunity to work in Singapore. There was only one tip, "work hard"! At that time when I was seeking for jobs, I sent out ten to twenty CVs to Taiwanese companies and Singaporean companies every day. Only one Singaporean company replied me. After two phone interviews, I went on the journey to Singapore. I chose to take the risk to throw myself in a new environment. I had learned to grow myself from setbacks and changes in a flexible way. I see the toughness in life, which was why I came back to Taiwan with gratitude.

With my stay in Singapore, I changed jobs few times, and went to few countries. People come and go, and I became more acceptable to changes in life. As long as I stayed calm and at peace, life responded me. There were many choices in life. Once I made my decision, I faced the challenges with courage and tried to stay peaceful with uncertainty. Maybe I could find joy in it! As for the question, I could not answer it but I could only say that I believed that there was full of possibility in the future!

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