I tried meditation on death yesterday. If you wake up in the morning and think that maybe today is the last day of your life. What will you do today? Will you focus on things which really matter to you? Tedious and bothering things seem to be not important anymore. Once you have this thought, you feel much more relaxing, happy and relieved from negative thoughts.

Everyone longs for external things like fame, success and fortune. However, everyone is equal in front of death. The rich and the poor are just dead bodies in the same form. All of us know that we will die one day, but do we really accept death which is regarded as taboo in many cultures?

You can acknowledge and accept death during death meditation. Death is certain, but timing of death is uncertain. When the time comes, are you ready for death? Will you be shocked, resistant or simply accept it? You can bring nothing from the world after you die. I choose to share what I have with people. In my current stage, what I can do is to cherish everything and live consciously.




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