Chad and Olga were good friends who had known each other for many years. They had same interests.

At first, Chad had a girlfriend who was very pretty. Although Olga liked Chad, she would not speak out. She wanted to keep this relationship and not to be embarrassed. After a few years, Chad and his girlfriend broke up, and Olga felt so happy. However, they were still good friend for a long time and keep single.

Some day, Olga told Chad that maybe he could introduce a boyfriend for her; because she was too shy to say that she liked him and she thought maybe she needed a boyfriend to change her mind. If she did not tell Chad, he would never know her mind. It was a dilemma for Olga, but she still asked Chad for introducing a boyfriend for her.

Then, Chad did. Olga went to that restaurant waiting for the boy. However, nobody came so she felt so upset that she went home. When opening the door, she found that Chad stood there and smiled. He said it seemed that my friend did not come, so I drove you home. Olga thought that he was trying to laugh at her; she walked away. Chad chased after her and shouted, ”I love you!” Olga was shocked and started to cry. Chad was anxious to calm Olga down. Therefore, he embraced Olga. He told her that he liked all the time, but he did not want to break their relationship. When knowing that Olga wanted to have a boyfriend, he felt so complex that he did not want to introduce boyfriends for her and dare not tell her that he loved her. Then, she smiled and said “I love you, too. We both have same feelings that do not want to break our relationship. We are so similar.”

After that, Olga and Chad were still good friends and………………..lovers.


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