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http://stylebytes.net/            I  like her style and H&M very much!!!

name: agathe bjørnsdatter

mail: hello@stylebytes.net

myspace: style bytes & personal

age: 25

occupation: secretary

passions: fashion, secondhand shopping, diy, music, good food, hanging out with friends, looking at the northern ligths and day dreaming

i admire: people that stand out from the crowd. anyone who chooses their own path, even though i might not agree with them. the same thing is true when it comes to fashion. without people like that the world would be a boring place.

i find inspiration in: movies, music, people, nature

my style: i love playing around with different characters and one day i can be the old lady and another day i can be the rock chick. i have given up on choosing one style cause i find that it kills my joy of shopping. i have very few limits when it comes to what i wear and i like to think that i look good in anything (probably not so, but who really cares). due to my budget i mostly shop secondhand, make stuff myself or pick up something at h&m. i have no complaints cause i like that the shortness on cash makes me have to experience and be creative. to me fashion is a way of expressing myself and i love planning new outfits.

favorite bands: and you will know us by the trail of dead, appleseed cast, at the drive-in, bees, beezewax, belle and sebastian, beta band, big black, black eyes, black keys, blood brothers, bob dylan, bright eyes, built to spill, chokebore, cure, cursive, danko jones, death from above 1979, deftones, detachment kit, dinosaur jr, disiplin, elliott smith, emperor, flaming lips, foo fighters, frode fivel, fugazi, grant lee buffalo, icarus line, ikara colt, interpol, jesus and mary chain, johnny cash, kaada, kinks, les savy fav, logh, low frequency in stereo, mclusky, mercury rev, modest mouse, motorhead, motorpsycho, mudhoney, muse, nancy sinatra, neurosis, neutral milk hotel, nine inch nails, ohio express, paper chase, pavement, pixies, placebo, postal service, queens of the stoneage, ramones, ricochets, rival schools, rocket from the crypt, safariari, silence the foe, sixteen horsepower, sparklehorse, spoon, strokes, supergrass, ted leo & the pharmacists, tidersticks, tool, turbonegro, unwound, urusei yatsura, vines, von bondies, white stripes, yeah yeah yeahs, yo la tengo, 80’s matchbox b-line disaster and many more

favorite books: a confederacy of dunces - john kennedy toole, siddhartha - hermann hesse, the old man and the sea - ernest hemingway, brave new world - aldous huxley, kilden - gabriel scott, don quiote - miguel de cervantes saavedra, the brothers karamasov - dostojevskij, anna karenina - tolstoy, the trial - franz kafka, the little prince - antoine de saint-exupery, trout fishing in america - richard brautigan, post office - charles bukowski

favorite movies: buffalo 66, lost highway, amelie from montmartre, cinema paradiso, red, taxi driver, harold and maude, clerks, godfather, blue, pulp fiction, the man without a past, o brother, night on earth, rosemary’s baby, one flew over the cuckoo’s nest, happiness, fargo, peep ‘tv’ show, dead man, citizen kane, a clockwork orange, the tenant, raging bull, trainspotting, fear and loathing in las vegas and many more

favorite food: sandwiches with lots of aioli, sushi, indian food, norwegian food like cod tounge and cod liver, anything cod really, thai food






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