i hope i will get used to the life in USA.
i think i can overcome the problem.
Although i complain to my roomates everyday, i still want to be strong.
I am very frustrated yesterday, and i will never do that kind of things to make myself unhappy.
We are very unhappy yesterday including JAY JAMIE LORRIANE WING ......
What the hell?
Someone likes somebody, someone is angry at somebody...
There are lots of thing for us to solve.
Everybody has cried here, but it is OK.
Everything will be fine, right?????
Singapores want to go home and i can not imagine the life without them.
I do not want to live with strange roomates.
Taiwanese are not so passionate and as a group as Singapores.
What the hell???
I hate my freaking job and i do not know how to chat with Americans.
My English is not so poor, but it s a little bit difficult for me to get what americans are talking about.
Not to say to respond to them.
If u ask them to repeat again, some people will think that u can not understand English.
My leader only talked to Americans and ignored me.

i keep learning some English from Singapores everyday, espeicially my Indian friend, Jay who is a funny guy and always make me laugh but he is unhappy recently.
I hope everything will be fine in the future.


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  • coldplay0209
  • i am so happy that all the musics i
    like are so easy to find and listen
  • olicurious 於 2011/03/23 16:09 回覆

  • 敬亭!
  • 加油~~~
    日子 一天天過去~~~雖然離9月22還很久~~





  • olicurious 於 2011/03/23 16:09 回覆

  • amy
  • although i don't know what happened to u,things will not always
    be as smoothed as you thought.don't take everything for granted
    n be grateful,i think it will make u feel better.try to find
    another fun from ur frustrating work or daily usual life.i think
    it can distract ur attention from annoying thought.btw i can't
    see the picture you sent to me n i found another job which is
    relevant to accounting.i feel so tired everyday cuaz' i have to
    work "everyday" (i still work in esprit).since u r in us right
    now,don't say some frustrating thing just do some crazy thing
    for fun n seize the day.
  • olicurious 於 2011/03/23 16:09 回覆

  • milleteer08
  • 姐姐:現在 台灣幾點打電話給你比較方便阿?
  • olicurious 於 2011/03/23 16:09 回覆

  • wawadada5
  • 劉小姐 恭喜您正式畢業啦

    我幫你拿好了畢業證書 他現在工整的躺在我家

    過的怎樣阿 話說 我香港行都還沒開始用 遜斃了

    自以為的把王家衛的電影大部分看完了 我妹還說 看他的電影 就可以去香港喔 什麼邏輯阿
    順到提一下 王家衛幫劉佳玲和梁潮尾拍結婚過程耶 也太酷了吧
  • olicurious 於 2011/03/23 16:09 回覆

  • me
  • what wang's movies have you watched? they are getting
    married?!! seriously?!?! anyway my income tax grades
    are seriously too low! I HATE THE FREAKING TEACHER! he
    thinks he can teach really well but honestly i didn't learn
    anything at all! knn.
    Take care! (: thanks for taking my certificate for me! (:
  • olicurious 於 2011/03/23 16:09 回覆

  • 悄悄話
  • coldplay0209
  • i am now in ny from july 21-24
    i went to time square,....
    happy exausted
    my legs are tired
    somebody here are having summer fling hahaha
    bloody hell
    i got shainghi and singapore accents
    however, my singapore friends are leaving now
    they are going to boston,les vegas, san fran, grand
    canyon,los angeles...
    i wish i could go to singapore in december.
  • olicurious 於 2011/03/23 16:09 回覆