today i went to freehold mall and outlet with brenda.
we walked back too late at 9 o 'CLOCK . it was dark outside. we supposed to walk back at 730 with other taiwanese ,but we still wanted to shop. the worst thing is that i told tammy the wrong way to go back. they kept walking for one hour and couldnt find the way home.
they just knocked the door on the house and asked for help.
fortunately, the guy was nice and drove them home.

i walked back home with brenda for half of a hour. i was scared because i couldnt find burgur king. when i chatted with brenda, a car just stopped and i was scared. i told brenda that somebody would go out of the car and shoot us ,hahaha.
then, we passed by the car. a man just got off and asked us to get on the car. he told us we walked the wrong way to go back home. he said that was too dangerous to walk in the dark. he wanted to drive us back.
when i got on the car ,there was another guy who was driver's brother seemed like drinking something. i thought he was drinking alcohol and we were in danger.

however, he was a nice old guy who keep chatting with us and made us feel safe.
i was so lucky to meet a nice guy , scared to walk in the dark, and felt sorry to my friends as i told them the wrong way home.

i thought i kept learning a new lesson everyday.


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  • gleam1116
  • 雖然有點晚,不過祝你一切順利!
  • olicurious 於 2011/03/23 16:09 回覆

  • sabibibi
  • hey girl!!i miss you!!
    you have good time in the United States,i feel so happy for you!
    though, something is so terrible.
    but, i know you can overcome it and learn a lot from it.
    i am in pingtung now,and here is so hot.
    wish you have good time,
    and i wait for you come back to share the tour with me :)
  • olicurious 於 2011/03/23 16:09 回覆

  • coldplay0209
  • i will!!
    hows ur internship??
    i wish everything is good on u!
    my speaking is improving.hahaha
  • olicurious 於 2011/03/23 16:09 回覆

  • Qingyi
  • How are you now Olivia? I'm back in Singapore, though wishing I
    was still at Six Flags with you guys!

    How's Brenda and Vince, and Stella, Alma?
  • olicurious 於 2011/03/23 16:09 回覆

  • olivia
  • 現在在MALL上網 真是不方便 逛街還要帶筆電 哈哈
    9/7工作結束 9/17回台灣
    現在MINORS都回學校上課了 我天天都從十一點上班到晚上十一二點
    ALMA STELLA 和上海人會比我們早離開
    耶 終於等到最後ㄧ周了 狂工作存錢旅遊囉
  • olicurious 於 2011/03/23 16:09 回覆