Nod, nod, nod your head.
Shake, shake, shake your body.
Move, move, move with the wave.
Jump, jump, jump with the music.

The music reminded us of the good old days, ups and downs. Something we thought we already forgot, but it dug it out. We are always afraid of being hurt, so we miss the chances every time. We know what we want deep inside our heart, but we think too much.

I shouted your name out loud in the ambient music, but I knew you will never hear it as you never knew my heart. In the dark, I knew I will never reach you between two different worlds. I am so coward that I always violate my heart.

Oh! My friends. Don’t be afraid. Don’t be shy. Next time you get a chance, just think about those drunken crazy nights. Grab it, coz we are still young. We can be happy, not pathetic. Follow the voice in your heart. Follow the feelings with winds.

Music is the only exit to our lives. It removes the pain in our minds away, and the sorrow, sadness, blue and pressure which the world gave to us were relieved by it. In the end, we will find where we belong.


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