You will never know what will happen next! My friend, Ailsa, once told me that she had an interesting part-time experience which was a dresser of Gucci, a famous brand. That sounds incredibly funny! Therefore, when she asked me to be a dresser of Louis Vuitton with her, I agreed with it immediately. 

There were four same shows on that day which were for different subjects, such as the press, customers and other designers. We had to arrive in Xue xue institute, where I dreamed of working for, at 7 o’clock in the morning. That was so hard for me to get up that early. When arriving, we started to move fancy garments from the storage room, and I found that all of the make-up artists and hair stylists were all set to the show. Then, our managers arranged us to dress different models and we had to be an assistant for another dresser who was responsible for dressing a female model whose clothes were more sophisticated than male models’. 

As for procedure and themes of the show, I had no idea about it, because we were not well-informed. We had to rehearsal at 9 o’clock, and then came to the real show. Most of our time was occupied by waiting which was very boring. Models were made up one by one; furthermore, female models had to try on dresses first as some of them were too complex to wear immediately. During the waiting time for models, we ironed all the clothes and assured every cloth was well-prepared for the show.  

My model was Andrei from Russia who was the hardest one to cooperate with, as my manager told me, because he hated to wear a mask which kept the clothes away from getting dirty by his make-up. Sup was the only Asian from Korea , who was easygoing and kind. Christina was my female model, who liked playing as an actress with variety of facial expressions. In the morning, there was a photographer, who took lots of photos in the backstage. Female models were his favorite, because their clothes were much eccentric than male. I adored their poses very much, because they were not only stylish, but also full of personality. As usual, male models liked wearing clothes by themselves and their clothes were easier to wear than female models. Andrei was such a quiet guy who was hard to chat with, even other models thought so. Every time hair stylist wore wool hats for him, he would take it off until the show was about to begin. That made hair stylist felt very troublesome. He spent most of his time sleeping on the chair rather then chatting with other models. So, Ailsa called him, “Your sleepy prince!”

At the first sight of models, I thought they were born to be models. All of them were very tall and skinny; most important of all, they all had stunning faces and beautiful curves of bodies, which I was so envy of. When changing the clothes for models, dressers could see the bodies of models. There was no need to feel shy, because everyone was so professional that made them concentrate on their work. They all enjoyed the show without nerves, working at the cutting edge of fashion. Although it was boiling hot outside the building, male models still wore three heavy pieces of cloth without complaining. However, it was extremely cold in the backstage, which made female models shiver. Furthermore, I saw a famous model, 陳思璇, in the backstage who was not as tall and young as foreign models. However, she was the last spotlight in the show. 


When rehearsing, I heard the theme of the show from the emcee who knew all the details of the new collections. There were two emcees for the show, one would present in Chinese, the other in English. Designers used decent and expensive fabrics to make high-class garments, and you could feel the gorgeous texture by touching. The themes of male clothes was “African king go to Paris ” which combined oriental with occidental elements and showed diversity of styles. Moreover, designers put mixed and feminine elements into these collections, such as balloon skirts, asymmetric sleeves, etc. I was fascinated by the perfect cutting of clothes. The chic, drop-shaped heels of high-heels were fourteen centimeters tall which made models feel painful walking on the runway. The speakers understood every detail and piece of cloth very much and he could transform the ideas into facile words for clients. Models had to change their clothes twice or three times during the show. In the end of the show, all of the models would walk to the runway altogether. Dressers need to remember all the accessories and order of clothes to make sure models wear as designers wanted. However, I wish I could watch the fashion show in the front. 

As Heidi Klum said, “In fashion, one day you are in, and then next day you are out!” Everyone of the show could be important, even the dresser. In my opinion, dressers should not only calm down, such as losing accessories or models, but also act fast when facing abrupt situations. In the backstage, it seemed to fight a war during the show. Dressers must keep everything in order from turmoil. Executors should know the procedure of the show, and put members to appropriate position. The managers of marketing and public relations should know how to operate media, such as holding new product press release and establishing brand images. By being a dresser, I realize that working with people from all over the world, English is the common language for all of us. In the future, we will have more chances to work with people from different countries and step into working types of multimedia. Therefore, keep a flexible attitude and open your mind for the world! 





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