I had a good time during my English club last night, as I found a partner in my department, who attends English club very often, but he studied in USA for two years. The reason why he still attends the class is that he does not have chance to speak English and he thinks that his speaking ability is not good enough.


The teacher instruct us very well, so we did not have to write some script. 

I found that I have improved my speaking ability, and I can speak better than I was in USA. The reason is that I practice with Jamie very often. This is a quick way to make progress.


By joining in the club, I gained some fulfillment and self-confidence, because I like speaking English. I found that I use different tones when speaking Chinese and English. When speaking English, my tone becomes higher and more confident, although some Taiwanese said that my tone is really exaggerating. There was a thing which I want to boast, which I found that my teacher, James, likes asking me questions and want me to read difficult sentences for our classmates. As he said, ” Nerves can push you forward.”


This makes me regain the feeling which I was a English teacher assistant in high school. At that time, I really liked English and studied it hard. However, after I failed in the entrance test of universities, I gave up learning.


Therefore, I will try my best to speak as fluently as Americans, and join in the class as possible as I could!






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