This is another old camera of my mom.
The first time when i used this was a photograghy class which i audited in National Taiwan Normal University in 2008.
I was a senior, who had lots of time to do my own stuff.
Therefore, i thought it was time to do something special,so i started to search for some design and photography classes.
I went to other schools by myself, and joined in some small groups to get a chance to use those equipment.
The teacher tought us some theory of photography and let us try different kinds of films,like negative and positive films, black and white.
We developed those films by ourselves in a small black room.
Although i didnt really know how to control timing and chemical materials, i still had good time there.
Most important of all, i stepped forward from my small world and did some thing by myself.
I am glad that i mad this decision and finished this by myself.
After that, i started to taking photos. (In fact, my parents own a photoshop,and we had a black room before. But i never asked him to teach me how to take photos.what a pity!) 
Let me share some photos with you now!

this is my brother,Julien.
I took this photo from a entertainmet equipment. ( the brid below)

I took this in Taipei digital art festival,2008.

i like this!

i adjusted the color of this photo.



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