20101125 English lesson 6-business conversation


Topic-Time management



It has been a long time, since I had a formal English class. I always study by myself, and that is why I cannot find my blind spots. I feel so happy that I can learn more English and teachers can point out my mistakes. Although it is a little tiring to go to cram school after work, I find a sense of fulfillment which I cannot get from my job.



As teachers always ask us what is new lately, I think I had better start to read some English news, such as Taekwondo, a hot topic



I found that I need to work harder on comprehension skills and try to express myself with easy vocabulary. I always read fast. However, I found that although I can recognize those words, I can’t really get the main points of the articles.



I have learned lots of vocabulary, but I don’t really know how to use it. When I learn a new word, I used to recite the meaning of it, but I don’t make sentences. I think this is a main problem.



I decide to study harder and get myself well-prepared for my future.




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